Family Panda Tattoos …...

Panda Toast Anyone????

Panda Toast anyone ????


Rice crispy Panda Treats


The Twins Pandamarie and PandaLane's 4th Birthday Cake .It was a Panda Party. Everyone wore Panda shirts or black and white .


PandaLilly's 1st Birthday cake


New PandaCub..... Meet Brother Bear AKA Lucas William

Help me find some Panda Top Roman Noodles..I'm on the Look out for some ….


Panda Pancakes ….This Panda is going to loose a head .

Panda Express  Yummy...

Welcome to our web page. Sit back get a Panda snack and check out the Crazy Panda Bear collection




Take a look around you will see Pandas every where from the dishes we use to the sheets on our beds as well as tooth brushes in the bamboo bathroom, Sorry we lost count YEARS ago so at this time We have no Idea how many Pandas Live with us. But they are every where . For awhile there I thought I had everything panda BUT a spoon rest.. Well I have a spoon rest. But I don't have a Panda Beer. So I'm on the look out for Panda Beer.

A little about Our Family

We have 4 Grandchildren so as you go through  this web site you will see them Many Times as they all Love Pandas too..

The twins are 6 , Morgan Marie (AKA PandaMarie) and

Lane LD (AKA PandaLane) Then we have Lilith Dawn (AKA PandaLilly) and new Brother Bear Lucas William

I have been married to Jack (AKA Panda Grandpa) for 31 Years .Photo of his wedding ring below (The Bamboo represents our 2 boys and the bamboo shoots represents their children.) Our Grandkids....

Panda tattoos


When our boys turned 18 we bought them their first Panda tattoo .

And it has become a Family Badge of Honor..

Jack has 5 Panda tattoos

I have 3

Anthony has 2 Panda's and his wife Tina has a big tattoo on her back of a Mama panda holding a baby

Alan and his wife Nicole have  anime  panda tattoo's.